Our Implant Procedure

Our implant procedure:

(Explanation guided implant surgery with use of a surgical guide.)

At Dental Associates of Easley, we offer guided implants. Guided implants differ from traditional implants in the pre op, placement, and post op. Guided surgery gives us the ability to place a dental implant with exact precision in depth, and angulation. We start this process by taking a cone beam or CT scan of the entire dentition. This is a 3D scan that allows the doctor to virtually place the implant to see important surrounding structures, and for precise placement. The entire implant surgery is planned from the 3D image, and most importantly, a surgical guide is fabricated for the day of surgery. The surgical guide resembles a retainer in appearance, but is of great importance. The surgical guide has a pre drilled hole doctor uses to drill the exact length, and size of the implant.  The precision and efficiency procured by the surgical guide results in a placement procedure lasting only 10-15 minutes.

What type of implant will be placed, and what is special about it?

(About our dental implants.)

Here at Dental Associates of Easley we place BioHorizons dental implants. This implant is superior to most others because of the Laser-Lok technology integrated into each implant. Laser-Lok is the only surface shown to gain a true connective tissue attachment and biological seal around the dental implant that maintains crestal bone. This technology significantly reduces bone loss that can occur around an implant, thus giving a long term restoration.

What happens months after implant placement?

(The permanent abutment, and single crown.)

After the implant is placed, it must remain stable and untouched for approximately four to six months. During this time, the bone around the implant will attach or integrate to the implant for tooth stability. After the months of integration the patient will return for placement of the permanent abutment. A crown is then fabricated to cement onto the permanent abutment.  When the crown is cemented to the permanent abutment, the implant is complete. 


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