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If you are missing one tooth or several teeth, you have a few options for replacement.  These options include dental implants, a fixed bridge, a removable partial, or a denture if all teeth are missing. 

What are dental Implants?

Dental implants replace the root of a tooth that is no longer present.  They create strong foundation for a fixed or removable tooth.  There are many reasons Dr. Edwards may suggest for you to get an implant, you could be missing a tooth or need something to help anchor a denture.

Replacing one tooth?

When only one tooth is being replaced, Dr. Edwards will place one implant in the area where the tooth is missing, and then restore it with an all porcelain crown.  This is a great way to fix an area that is missing a tooth without affecting the surrounding teeth. 

Replacing multiple teeth?

Sometimes people come in with dentures that just don't fit their mouth at all.  The reason why can vary from patient to patient, but usually they carry them in their pocket more than they are actually wearing them.  For this procedure Dr. Edwards would place 2-4 implants per.  These implants would support the denture, allowing the denture to ‘click’ on and off.  This helps with more stability and reduces the ‘rocking’ of the denture during mastication (chewing). 

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