Sirona 3D Imaging

Sirona 3D Imaging - Guided Dental Implant Placement in Easley, SC

Dental Associates of Easley uses the state of the art Sirona® Orthopos XG 3D imaging, so that we might better diagnose you and properly guide your dental implants in the Easley, Greenville, and Pickens area. In addition to traditional bite wing x-rays and panoramic imaging, Sirona® 3D imaging provides additional benefits for patients who require additional comfort, who are concerned about injuries sustained to their dentition, or who will be receiving dental implants from our practice.

Why Not Traditional X-Rays?

Our practice feels that while basic x-ray procedures are useful, they can be limited in scope for certain situations. In these cases, they do not help us give patients the most accurate diagnosis possible.

At Dental Associates of Easley, we want you to receive the best imaging possible for your situation, and often that is best served by bite wing x-rays, panoramic imaging, and other traditional imaging procedures. However, some patients will experience discomfort and a gagging sensation when bitewings are used, making this traditional method too uncomfortable to utilize. Additionally, if you have cracked your tooth, panoramic imaging may not always be able to capture smaller cracks as accurately. In these circumstances, traditional imaging methodology will not be enough to adequately serve your dental needs.

Added Benefits of Sirona®

The Sirona® 3D imaging that we use not only cuts down on discomfort for some of our patients, but allows for more detailed examinations and better guided treatments.

With this 3D imaging, our office can not only look at the general health of your smile, but it can do so without producing the gagging that some patients experience with bitewings. Additionally, Sirona® can help us better diagnose possible fractures in the teeth which may be causing dental pain. If you are experiencing pain but an examination or traditional x-ray cannot determine the cause, we can use this method instead to notice otherwise undetected breaks in the teeth. This process enables us to see the extent to which your teeth are damaged or if the crack reaches down to the root.

We even use Sirona® 3D imaging to help us in creating and placing customized dental implants. This form of imaging shows the mouth, sinuses, jawbone, any bony projections, tumors, and any plaque in the arteries - all of which are important areas of concern when planning for dental implants. These implants are placed using template guided planning, creating a safer and more comfortable procedure. Our in-house implanting process allows for a quicker placement of implanting than referring our patients out as well, as now we can diagnose and treat you in the least amount of visits, and with the added accuracy of a digitally guided treatment.

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