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Dentistry That Meets Your Needs

Dr. Edwards has one true goal: to provide his patients with the best possible care to meet their oral health needs. While every service our Easley dentist offers are chosen to help as many different people as possible, he understands that no one service will help every person’s unique situation. Therefore, Dental Associates of Easley offers a wide range of options within our dental procedures to best meet the needs of all patients.

For example, Dr. Edwards proudly offers same-day dental crowns through the use of CEREC. This system enables him to give most of his patients a necessary, durable, and beautiful dental restoration conveniently. However, some patients may have extenuating circumstances, such as severe teeth grinding or jaw clenching, that may require a specific restoration, such as a gold or full zirconia crown, for additional strength under these conditions. Therefore, our Easley dentist also utilizes the assistance of a dental laboratory to fabricate an even stronger crown in these unique situations, broadening the number of ways we can help you maintain your oral health.

Let Us Take Care of Your Smile

You can trust Dr. Edwards for your general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry needs, as well as advanced dental treatments.

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