Cone-Beam Computed Tomography in Easley, SC

Dental Associates of Easley is proud to utilize advanced technology in dentistry to provide their patients with smooth appointments and thorough dental care. One form of technology that we use is cone-beam computed tomography, or CBCT, at our dental office near you in Easley, SC. The images produced from these scans are very useful to dentists in diagnosing dental issues and developing and delivering treatment.

What is Cone-Beam Computed Tomography?

Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) systems are a form of x-ray technology that produces detailed images of a patient. In dentistry, the technology is used to create a 3D image of the mouth and head region of a patient’s anatomy, including the teeth, jaw, and neck. It may also be used to capture images of the ears, nose, and throat (ENT).

To capture the images, the patient will stand in the machine while the cone-shaped x-ray beam rotates around the head. The data obtained is then reconstructed into a 3D image that your Dr. Edwards can analyze.

What is CBCT Used for?

During routine dental exams, you may get x-rays taken of your teeth about once a year. These images are useful to your Dr. Edwards at Dental Associates of Easley for finding issues like cavities or impacted teeth. CBCT systems produce more detailed and thorough images, making them useful for dental implant planning, cleft palate assessment, evaluation of the jaws and face, endodontic diagnosis, and diagnosis of dental trauma.

Is CBCT Safe?

Although it delivers more radiation than conventional dental x-rays, CBCT exams are generally safe. However, there are greater concerns for younger patients as they are more sensitive to radiation. Parents may want to refer to FDA guidelines on radiation exposure to children, but adult patients may find that the benefits of CBCT exams outweigh the risks. It is a fast and non-invasive way for Dr. Edwards to gather a great amount of information about your oral health. The additional information provided by three-dimensional images that can’t be found in the two-dimensional images of conventional x-rays can help with the diagnosis, treatment planning, and evaluation of certain dental issues.

When you visit Dental Associates of Easley, you can expect high-quality dental care, including advanced technology like CBCT in Easley, SC.

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